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Pilani October 2009



PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR OUR PHOTO STORY OF OUR VISIT TO PILANI. Both Sk and Suresh studied in one of the top Science and Engineering institution of higher learning in India. It is called BITS, Pilani. As the name suggests, it is located in Pilani, Rajasthan in India. The brand name is so famous, that when the institution decided to open branches in Dubai, Goa and Hyderabad, they named it BITS Pilani, Dubai etc., We made our trip for 3 different reasons: 1) Silver Jubilee Reunion (SJR) - meeting Suresh's classmates after 25 years, 2) Get SK on a nostalgic visit of her hometown where she grew up most of her life in India up until now and 3) Get the kids acquainted with the fun and beauty that is Pilani. It was a remarkable journey of a very short weekend. Yet it was plentiful for us to cherish for a whole lifetime. On the SJR front, the fun and frolic was high decibel with grown ups (mostly 47 year olds) behaving like 18 year olds again. If you wanted proof that time can stand still, you had to be there. The hooting, dancing and the exhibition of plain right audacity of some youthful exuberant juvenile behavior in the institute auditorium for the celebration program made us pause and recollect that the intervening years was like a fast moving speck of dust that least affected our ability to pick up from where we left off 25 years ago. The comraderie was instant, viral and joyous. We may have balded, greyed, grown big and/or a ponch and/or graceful and/or wise yet none of those played any role in the events. Like someone famously pointed out in the program- once a Bitsian, forever a Bitsian (and forever young if I may add). It was also a travel down memory lane for both SK (most importantly) and Suresh. SK spent most of her formative growing up years in Pilani. As the daughter of a Dean, she spent most of her life in India, from her infant years to her adult college graduation in Pilani. So it is natural that she wanted to show case some of the nostalgia - her homes, the places she spent her time mostly on weekends and holidays. The Institution buildings and adjoining areas (Connought Place, Siva Ganga, skylab) are places that we could not miss. The kids really enjoyed the sojourn to these places with their mom, while Dad was busy with the SJR celebrations. Please enjoy this short photo story of our weekend visit to Pilani.

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