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Hi Everyone,


My name is Partha Narasimhan. I am an 8th grader at Mercer Middle School in Loudoun County, Virginia. I usually spend  my free time reading books, playing on the computer, watching science and history programs on TV, and putting stuff on my website. Did you know that I was placed eleventh along with a few other State Champions in the j2007 National Geographic Bee? Prior to that, I became the 2007 Virginia State Geography Bee champion. Click below under each item for:


1) Some images from the 2007 Virginia Bee event.

2) Links to media interviews about my 2007 achievement

3) Exclusive coverage of the 2007 National Geography Bee


The Narasimhan's have made a website in order to show what we do together and what we like to do alone. Since my interest varies, my website currently has some natural and physical science, geography material and quizzes for you to try.


September 2008